Paris Highlights – November 17, 2011

Our stay in Paris was too short (just 5 days), but leaving with things still to-do is the perfect excuse to return again sometime.  And even though the weather was a bit cold and foggy, my daughters now have a special place in their heart for Paris.

Crepes on Rue Montorgueil

We took a lot of pictures and saw as much as we reasonably could in the amount of time we had.  By the last two days we were able to navigate the Metro like seasoned pros; we even perfected how to cheat the turnstiles when one of our fare cards stopped working.  Everything we did seemed to be fun for the girls, even for Josephine, who like Lillian got to celebrate a birthday in the City of Lights.  While I don’t have much inside advice on things to do and what to see in Paris, I will say that staying in a central location helped a lot and was worth the extra expense.  We stayed in

The Renowned Patisserie Stohrer

the Montorgueil neighborhood (2nd Arrondissement) which is a great place to base yourself if you like gourmet food and cooking.  The Rue Montorgueil is a pedestrian area that has excellent patisseries, bakeries, butchers, wine shops, and produce stores.  As a family of six, eating out every meal in Paris was not in the budget, but in the Rue Montorgueil, you will experience the love and care that goes into food just by buying the everyday things you need to eat, whether a pair of freshly baked baguettes or a chicken breast that the butcher will trim and cut for you as you wait.  I know my stomach will be happy if we stay here again the next time we visit Paris.  Below are some pictures that tell the story of our five days in Paris.

Riding the Carousel in Luxembourg Gardens

Petit Palais in Luxembourg Gardens

Tour Eiffel Hanging at the Louvre

Hanging at the Louvre

Clock View - Musee d'Orsay

The Seine

Tai Chi in Luxembourg Gardens

Lillian is 13!


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