New Blog Home for 4KidsWillTravel

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new home for 4KidsWillTravel.  I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and use WordPress for my blog going forward.  The old blog looked pretty, but iWeb lacks some real blogging features, so I think this will be a much better way to follow my adventures with my family.  You can now subscribe by Email rather than the RSS feed (which most people, myself included, don’t really understand).  Please feel free to sign up at the box to the right to receive our updates by Email.

The old site will remain available until I’ve moved older posts over, and then it will redirect directly to this new site.  Another huge plus with WordPress is that now my 13 year-old daughter Lillian, who uses WordPress for her blog, can help me understand all these fancy widgets and features…I always chuckled a little when other parents would talk about their kids showing them how to use their phone or do something on the computer.  I now know exactly how they feel…old!

We’re in Münich now for the holiday season.  We’re spending the time to settle down from the constant travel, to homeschool the girls, and to plan for the second half of this great big adventure.  On January 1, 2012 we fly to Bangkok!  Until then, are enjoying the Christmas Gemütlichkeit that is Germany in the winter…Glühwein, Maroni, and Christkindlmarkts.



Haidhausen Christkindlmarkt - Münich


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