This Year Will Be Different

Wat Bovornniwet

It’s the dawn of another year and with it come the usual questions for me.  Where will we be a year from now?  What can I do this year to make my life and my future better for myself and my family.  What do I want to accomplish? And usually I resort to writing a list of New Year’s resolutions…I don’t really know why, but I have just always liked putting down a list of resolutions.  Even if I don’t complete half of the items (not unusual), I believe the lists help me stay focused (though there is a strong argument that this is obviously not the case).

So this year I’m not going to make a list (it will be one less thing on my to-do list!)  For if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the last four months of being on the road with my children, it’s that life pretty much comes at you.  It’s not easily compartmentalized or prioritized; it just kind of happens.  If we had tried to plan out each of our weeks in terms of to-accomplish lists, I am certain that not a single one of them would have been complete.  It’s not that they were failures or bad.  On the contrary many were refreshing in ways that we could not have experienced if we had been focused on accomplishing the “list”.

So even though the new year is pressuring me to think even more about what I’ll need to do or what I want to do when this trip is over, I’m going to restrain myself from writing “Figure out next career move” into a New Year’s resolution list.  I’m going to try to let this trip help me find my way naturally, rather than forcing the issue through a list writing exercise.  Hopefully in 4 months, I won’t think “uh oh, I should have written that list”

As I write this, we’re going to bed after our first 12 hours in Bangkok.  Although we’re tired from the flight, it’s warm, the food is tasty, and we’re ready (I think?) to take on the second half of our great adventure.  Stay tuned for much more from Bangkok.

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