A New Year, a New Age, and New Beginnings

Today starts another Chinese New Year.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!  It’s even more special for me, as I have the honor of sharing my 44th birthday with the start of the new lunar year which happens to be a great one, the Year of the Dragon!  Traditional Chinese around the world will be cleaning their homes to rid their lives of any ill spirits and hopefully make room for good fortune and prosperity.  Since I’m not a traditional Chinese, nor do I even own or rent a home, this isn’t what we’ll be doing today.

Instead, I’m going to start making mental room in my head in preparation for a year that I know will be transformational for me and my family.  We started this trip in hopes of learning about the World, sharing it with our children, and finding out what we want in our careers and for our next place to call home.  We’ve learned a lot, but it’s still pretty much a work in process.  We’ve managed to narrow down our choices of places to live, and on some level I’ve started to ponder what kind of job and career path I’d like to pursue moving forward.  But we’re still somewhat detached from executing on our vague plans.  It’s become a little stressful for us with this hanging over us, and the kids are starting to ask questions about where they’re going to live (especially if having a dog will be an option).

So with the start of a new year, a new age for myself, and the reality that our travels will have to end at some point, it feels like a good starting point to do the things we need to arrive at a new home when the adventure draws to a close.  It’s another part of the experience, and a somewhat daunting one to “start over” and figure out how to provide for the family.  But like the Gamelan musicians, fisherman, or guys trying to run the neighborhood cable (this is really how they do it on Bali),  I’m ready to start my creative and productive juices flowing again.

Gamelan Band - Lovina

Fisherman - Seminyak

Running cable in Seminyak...seriously


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