The Adventure Continues – Berlin

We arrived this morning in Berlin, the place we will call home for the foreseeable future.  We decided to take the plunge, and after 6 weeks of preparing, purging, and packing, we are actually here.  We’ll miss Chicago –  that is for sure.  But Vivian and I have known for a while that moving to Europe was going to be part of what my Dad likes to call the “symphony of life”.  And so Berlin is our next movement in life and we are anxious to see how this will play out for our family, our careers and ourselves.

Where JFK spoke his famous phrase "Ich bin ein Berliner"

Rathaus Schöneberg -Where JFK spoke his famous phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner”

For the children, the changes will be big, but we think we’ve prepared them well for adjusting to new environments,  having taken them for 8 months of traveling the world.  At times they are decidedly not excited and rather apprehensive.  I understand what they’re going through, but I hope that my appeals to them that they will someday thank us for doing this will ring true.  Only time will truly tell…

So I’m embarking on a new chapter of 4kidswilltravel that will include not so much traveling, but a lot about the new city our family will call  home.  We are now in an apartment for 6 weeks, and will spend that time to look for a more permanent home and neighborhood and to sort out the schools for the 4 girls.  We’ve arrived tired, with our dog Duke in tow, but after napping and shaking off our desire to just sleep with gelato (1 EUR for a single scoop seems to be the going rate at most places), we’re discovering some of the joys of life in Berlin:  playgrounds around every corner, an abundance of parks and green space, and the  architectural details and local history that give great city’s their character.

Berlin's beloved Ampelmänner (crossing lights)

Berlin’s beloved Ampelmänner (crossing lights)

Gelato break in the Bayerischeplatz

Gelato break in the Bayerischerplatz

Up and away!

Up and away!

Awesome Spielplatz at Wartburgplatz

Awesome Spielplatz at Wartburgplatz

Hunden's just not fair, Duke

Hunden Verboten…it’s just not fair, Duke

Berlin first impressions03

This one serves to remind us that Jewish children could only use public transportation to and from school when the school was more than 5 km away.

Remembrance placards – This one serves to remind us that Jewish children could only use public transportation to and from school when the school was at least  5 km away.

Rooms with views

Rooms with views

Serene Victoria-Louise Platz

Serene and lovely Victoria-Louise Platz

Street antique

Street antique and place to support local expressionistic art

Life's a playground

Life’s really is a playground


2 responses to “The Adventure Continues – Berlin

  1. Yes, you guys did it!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy:) Hugs to Vivian!!


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  2. what an amazing blog and amazing adventure. look forward to reading more from you and thanks for reading mine as well. i’m off to australia on sunday for 5 wks of adventure, so i’ll be posting along the way. beth

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